Searching for Baked Sweet Potato Chips


I don’t have a recipe for you today. I don’t even really have a story. I just have a couple photos of my attempts to make baked sweet potato chips.

I’ve been working on a homemade baked sweet potato chips recipe over the past week, trying different temperatures, times and seasonings. But, so far, the results have been disappointing. I just haven’t found that sweet, crisp, salty chip yet.

But for all my attempts, I have learned some things. First, low and slow doesn’t work for these. While I did get some crisp chips that way, they were lacking in flavor — and slightly burnt. By the same token, too high doesn’t do it either.

After repeated attempts to use my food processor for the cutting, it’s clear that I will need to locate and break out the mandolin. The food processor’s thin slice blade is leaving the sweet potatoes too thick, so getting them crispy is near impossible.

Seasoning after baking seems to work better for the flavor.


Oh, and the potato peel? I’ve tried these peeled and unpeeled and I like the nutrient-rich peel on better. But that’s just a preference, I think.

Have you ever made baked sweet potato chips? Share your tips!


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    I have tried sweet potato chips many, many times. Every time I tell my husband, “I need a mandolin!” and he promptly responds, “You’ll cut your finger off!” He’s probably right. But I know I’m not going to perfect my sweet potato chips without one. Grrr.

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    i make them all the time, i don’t peel, lately i have started off by baking it for about 30 minutes first (that way the baking of the chips doesn’t take as long and easier to cut). I cut with a knife and just try to make even. then i mix some olive oil and rock salt and drizzle all over them, then i bake. i do watch them non stop b/c some will burn and i take those out ahead and just keep watching. they are delish !!!

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