Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011 – Getting Those Vitamins

On Sunday, the kids and I started our day with sunnyside up eggs, toast and big bowls of homemade fruit cup. A little protein, a little grain, a lot of fruit. It was balanced.

Will’s lunch today was a roast beef and cheddar sandwich on multigrain, grape tomatoes and a no-sugar-added applesauce. He loved it, and it was balanced.

Do you see a theme here? Balance. I try to pack plenty of fruits and veggies into our days, along with moderate portions of protein, dairy and grains. And that’s my main defense to ensure that we get the right vitamins.

Today’s Eat. Live. Be. topic is vitamins and supplements. We’re supposed to share what we take, and why.

Honestly, I occasionally take a multi-vitamin, but nothing else. I try to balance our meals so that the majority of our nutrients come from the most natural sources.

I know that some people swear by different supplements, but I have never been thrilled with the way that supplements make me feel. And if I can get the nutrients naturally, why not?

Do you take supplements?

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    It is definitely all about the balance! I just love to eat, so if I can eat something versus take a pill…it always seems like the better way to go!

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    Oh my goodness do I take supplements! I take 9 pills nightly. 2 fish oil (cholesterol and healthy skin/hair/nails), 2 vitamin C (immune system – haven’t been sick in over a year), 2 fiber (I have severe absorption issues without it), 1 probiotic (helps with the absorption), 1 iron (iron deficiency – probably because I try not to eat too much red meat because of the high cholesterol), and 1 prenatal vitamin (that’s what the doctor recommended). Craziness.

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