Deliciousness to Whip Up This Weekend

The end of the workday on Friday can be like a giant breathe of fresh air. You can’t help but suck it all in, and smile … because you have two days to relax and do something other than work. Today is like that for me.

But before I start my weekend, I wanted to pass along some new recipes from me that are appearing on Tablespoon and Betty Crocker. Enjoy!


When I made this Lemon Caper Tilapia last, Paige ate it so fast that I wasn’t sure that she didn’t have help … until she came begging for more. It’s really delicious.


Fresh, fast and easy. That’s what this Easy Bruschetta Chicken is. Perfect for a busy night’s dinner. Or whenever you don’t feel like cooking.


We love homemade pancakes, and my new Crunch Berry Pancakes version has an added bit of deliciousness: a layer of crumbled granola bar to give it extra texture.


And shall we end this off with a bit of decadence? Dark Chocolate Brownies with Chocolate Ganache are enough to make me swoon and forget all about any pesky notions of weight loss. Fortunately, I shared.

Happy weekend, everyone!


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    Okay so….I love all of these. That tilapia is definitely going to be made…I’m a sucker for anything with capers.
    And the brownies…well…they’ll have to wait for a party or some other social gathering. But mark my words, they’ll be making an appearance!

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