Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011: My Playlist and a Realization

| April 18, 2011 | 9 Comments

If there is one thing I have learned since we started this Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011 journey earlier this year, it’s that change is fluid. Sometimes it moves in one direction, and other times it moves in another. Right now, the fluid of my change is in need of shifting.

I’ve hit a rut where I haven’t lost weight in more than a month. What I am doing — fitting exercise into my day in nontraditional ways — might help me maintain a weight, but it’s not propelling me to lose. And I still need to lose.

Last night, after coming back to my New York hotel room, where I am away on business, I caught a glimpse of my profile in the full length bathroom mirror and was shocked. I don’t know if my mirror at home lies or what, but the sight I saw was larger than I expected. So, back to traditional exercise I go. It’s necessary, and it starts now. (No, really, I am heading to the hotel gym as soon as I hit publish.)

But before I go, today’s Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011 topic is workout playlists. What music inspires you to work out harder or longer? What music can you lose yourself in?

Here are my top 10 favorite songs in my workout playlist right now:

  1. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
  2. Dynamite by Taio Cruz
  3. Born This Way by Lady Gaga
  4. Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind
  5. So What by Pink
  6. Firework by Katy Perry
  7. Empire State of Mind by Jay Z
  8. Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
  9. Gives You Hell by All American Rejects
  10. Single Ladies by Beyonce

What’s in your workout playlist?

Be sure to check out the other ELB bloggers for their workout playlist selections too.

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  1. Jenny Golfin says:

    I’m training for a marathon. My workout playlist top ten are:
    1. Stadium Love – Metric
    2. Sarah Through the Wall – Brad Barr (I think of it as Jenny through the wall, when I’ve hit the wall)
    3. Mr. Big Stuff – Jean Knight
    4. Impression that I get – Mighty, Mighty Bosstones
    5. Three Little Birds – Bob Marley
    6. What am I to you – Norah Jones
    7. Tell me something good – Rufus
    8. Rhythm of Love – Plain White T’s
    9. Under Pressure – My Chemical Romance
    10. Fat King of Gods – Surprise Me Mr. Davis

  2. Jenny Golfin says:

    Workout suggestion: Try Jillian Michael’s No more trouble zones video. You need 3 lb handweights, it’s possible but HARD with 5 lb weights. Do that like once or twice a week and you’ll drop pounds because you’re metabolism will be supercharged.
    It’s hard when you first do the video but stick with it. The more times you do it the easier it’ll get.

  3. Kate says:

    I love reading the different playlists! I think the only song you have a chance of funding on mine from yours would be “gives you hell”

  4. Love this! Right now the song I am obsessed with for running (what little running I do) is Robyn, Dancing on My Own. Running and cleaning – which I also do very little :-)

  5. What a great philosophy to have! After all good food is what we should live and crave for!

  6. What a fun playlist! I have to be careful what I listen to while on the treadmill. My body always tries to run to the beat of whatever song is playing!

  7. patsy says:

    I have several of the same songs as you do in my playlist! I love listening to up-beat “power” songs when I am working out. They help me keep going and do maybe one more running interval when I think I can’t go anymore.

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