Tasty Dishes to Try

Some days I have everything planned out and ready to go … but today just wasn’t one of them. Fortunately, I have so many delicious dishes that I have been whipping up lately for my freelance clients and I am dying to share them with you. Here are a few of my recent recipes that appeared on Tablespoon.com

Beet and Greens Salad

Beet and Greens Salad – This is a simple salad, but one that’s so, so good. Filled with baby spinach, beet greens, beets and blue cheese. It’s simply dressed with good balsamic vinegar … but don’t let all the simpleness fool you: it’s really one awesome salad.

Black Bean and Sausage Tacos

Black Bean and Sausage Tacos – Don’t let the name of these mislead you … they are filled with a healthy mix of black beans and chicken sausage. Super tasty (Paige ate 3! She never does that!), they are a great alternative to the standard ground beef taco filling.

Easy Honeyed Pear Turnovers

Easy Honeyed Pear Turnovers – These tasty turnovers are filled with a sweet, nuanced honey-pear filling. And if you love those two things, you will adore these.


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