Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011: Healthy Living Tip

Some days, the words just flow. Those are the days where I can sit down and write a post in minutes, and have time for edits and rewrites and rereads. Then there are days like today, where I sat down hours ago to write this and got exactly nowhere.

My head is just filled.

It’s a good thing that Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011 prescribes a topic for days like today.  Today, the ELB crew is sharing tips for cooking or healthy living. I really had to think about this one. There are many tips I could share, but choosing the right one was the challenge.

Finally it came to me. I mean, I am sitting here, my head stuffed with to-dos and worries, and the best tip I can give is the one I need to remember myself:

Healthy Living Tip: Say no when you want to say no. I think it’s one of those super hard things, but saying no makes everything so much better. I worry like crazy about disappointing people and about missing out. But saying yes to everything can make you wildly stressed and totally unpleasant. So, when you want to say no … just do it. Everyone is better off for it.

pre-k 3 over

She picked out the dress. Then the headband to go with it. She carefully selected her necklace and purse too. And all of it was laid out in her room last night, waiting for today. Her big day. She dressed and did her own hair, and then was ready to leave … waiting for me. Today was Paige’s big end-of-year celebration at school. She’s finished her first year of preschool – just one more to go.

Doesn’t she look like she’s grown a ton this year?


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    Great healthy living tip – I couldn’t agree more. I used to say “yes” to everything and get totally stressed out because I had committed myself and wanted to deliver. After being forced to say “no” due to different circumstances over the past year, I learned that it was ok to say “no” and that the world still went on. By the way, your daughter is absolutely adorable!

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    She is precious!!! I love your tip, and it’s one I’ve been working on alot more lately. It is hard, but so worth it!

    I hope to jump back into Eat.Live.Be. soon.

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