Strawberry Picking 2011 (Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011)


When I read this week’s topic for Eat. Live. Be. For a Better 2011, I smiled. It’s a great topic, and one that we should all consider now and again. The topic is ‘What makes you happy?’.

The simplest answer I can give is so many things

That little boy above makes me sublimely happy. So does his little sister? Their gleeful giggles and vivid imaginations are amazing and infectious.


Another thing that makes me happy? Summer strawberries, plucked straight from the plant and popped into a waiting mouth. Nothing compares to a sun-warmed fresh berry on a perfect summer day. Saturday was a lovely day for berry picking (though the fields were a tad wet still from Friday’s rain). The kids had a great time, eating their body weight in berries and occasionally helping with the picking too.

picking a strawberry

Naturally, berry picking makes me happy too. The kids and I joined two of my dear friends for this weekend’s berry picking and lunch at the beach. It was so much fun. We’ve been strawberry picking every year since Will was a baby. Now, he asks when we’ll go and gets so excited as the time nears.

Jones Berry Ferry

Our favorite place to strawberry pick is Jones Family Farms in Shelton, Connecticut, which is a great family-run farm that specializes in pick-your-own crops. They also have a winery on-site, which produces some amazing wine.

One of the things we love most about Jones is the Berry Ferry that taxis pickers from the entrance to the fields. Now, granted, the distance isn’t far. It’s totally walkable … but the Berry Ferry is just plain fun.

berry ferry sign

So, what makes you happy?

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