Asian Braised Cabbage

When I was in elementary and middle school, I was friends with these three sisters who lived across the street from us. Christina, who was closest to my age, was one of my best friends. We were inseparable, playing all sorts of games of pretend and imagination.

Sometimes when I would head over to see if they wanted to play, they’d be eating their lunch and sometimes that lunch was hunks of boiled cabbage, salted to perfection. I was jealous when I saw them eating it. They weren’t allowed to share, and I never asked them to, but those shimmering wedges of cabbage always made my mouth water. Strangely, they never seemed so excited about them as I was …

I know. It’s odd. Who salivates over cabbage? Well, apparently me. And for the record, to this day I love cabbage. Including boiled cabbage. Though, thinking back, it’s hard to believe their mom called that lunch. But who am I to judge? I still think a dozen ears of corn can make a delicious mid-summer dinner for two.

In spite of my cabbage love, every summer my CSA packs head after head of the stuff until I am about ready to cry uncle. When it comes to cabbage, there can totally be too much of a good thing. So, I am always looking for ways to use up all the cabbage that comes my way.

This new recipe is a great way to use it. It works well with either red or green cabbage (the red tends to be a little sweeter), so use whichever you have on hand. If the head of red cabbage is small though, use two.

The flavor is sweet with a slight salty tang. It reminds me of a cross between pickled red cabbage and sauerkraut. I think it’d be awesome on hot dogs, actually. But being a crazy cabbage lover, I just eat it out of a bowl with a fork, enjoying every last bite.

Do you love cabbage like I do?

Asian Braised Cabbage
serves 6

1 large head cabbage (red or green)
1/4 cup seasoned rice vinegar
1/4 cup soy sauce
1 tbsp honey

Cut the head of cabbage in half. Remove the core. Then, slice thinly. Add to a stock pot or a deep, wide saucepan.

Whisk together the seasoned rice vinegar, soy sauce and honey. Pour over the cabbage. Cover the pan.

Heat the cabbage over medium heat for 20 minutes until the cabbage is tender. Uncover the pan and let cook for an additional 5-10 minutes, until most of the liquid evaporates.

Remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes before serving.


  1. says

    This simple little recipe sounds quite tasty. Thanks. Always need a good way to cook cabbage, and this version looks excellent.

  2. Pete Dixon says

    I also love cabbage and are always looking for new recipes. I just bought a juicer and use cabbage as one of the greens and combine it with kale, carrots, celery, spinach, tomato, and beets. This is my recipe for homeade V-8 juice. I also chop up a head of green cabbage and braise it in bacon fat with chopped onion, peppers, (any kind) fresh garlic, fresh ginger, soy sauce and honey. Happy cooking!

  3. Mike Tivnen says

    Great little recipe – I had it tonight to alongside a Korean stir-fried eggplant with chilli. This is almost like kimchi but sweeter and fresher. Thanks!

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