Slow Love is a Slow Read

Editor’s Note: A little break from the ordinary today with a book review. This post was written due to my involvement in the BlogHer Book Club. I was provided an electronic copy of the book Slow Love and am being compensated for my review. This hasn’t impacted the content.

Slow Love by Dominique Browning is a memoir about Browning who has her world up-ended by job-loss and finds herself in emotional despair.

Browning was editor of House & Garden magazine until it was shuttered in 2007. I had high hopes that this book would take me from her editor’s desk through the layoff and into post-magazine life. I was hoping for an inspiring tale. I didn’t get that here.

Too much of Browning’s book focuses on her affair with Stroller (a pseudonym), a legally separated man with that she has an on-again, off-again affair with. He won’t divorce his wife or commit to Browning, but she enjoys his company and wishes for more, though I am not sure why. Stroller seems rather self-absorbed. He prefers his place to hers and whines about the drive to her home in Rhode Island. I can’t help but find him an annoying, controlling jerk, but maybe that’s just Browning’s description of him.

Very little of the book talks about Browning’s work, something that she says was very important to her pre-layoff. And it jumped around a lot between different times and places.

Honestly, if not for being obligated to read the whole book for this review, this would have joined the ultra-short list of books I didn’t finish. After a chapter or two, I was bored. Perhaps the most telling part? I usually read books in one to three days. This one took me weeks to trudge through.

Visit the BlogHer page about Slow Love for more discussion and information about this memoir.

Another little note: The book link above is provided for your convenience only. I receive nothing for it.


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