Eat. Live. Be. Reboot: Reflecting

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that improving eating and living habits is really challenging during the holidays. I mean it’s almost crazy that I thought for one second I could trim down while baking like a madwoman. Seriously, did anyone expect me not to indulge? Besides me, of course. Because I did think that if I started, it would just happen.

It hasn’t yet. The whole eating better, exercising more thing? It’s coming. But it’s slow. And it’s punctuated by Chess Bars, Cocoa Peppermint Thumbprints and the like.

But this week’s topic is about print inspiration. I’m going to take a bit of liberty with that and talk about a super inspiring piece a friend sent me that actually has to do with writing — not food or health (though I think these things are all interrelated).

How To Leave An Unsatisfying Job And Pursue Your Dream Career by Cathy Scott is about how Scott went from being a secretary to becoming a journalist with kid credits under her belt. For Scott it came down to being fearless and doggedly pursuing her dreams. She built the necessary foundation and then went after her dreams, carving out her perfect career.

That’s such an important message. And it’s not just about jobs — this message directly relates to all goals, including my health- and weight-related ones. If you want something, you have to go after it. You have to pursue it because it matters to you. As Nike so succinctly put it: Just do it.

It’s definitely time for me to just do it too.

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