Cooking Connections Class on Slow Cooking Recap

Did you tune in for the Cooking Connections class last Thursday? We talked game day food and using the slow cooker — something that is quickly becoming a favorite small appliance in my house. What I loved about the class was that host Chef George Duran prepared a recipe live via a video feed and answered our questions too, which truly made it feel like a cooking class.

Don’t worry if you missed it: You can still watch the recorded video from the class on The Motherhood.

There were a lot of awesome questions asked — about slow cookers themselves, what works best in cookers, etc.

For my part, I asked Chef Duran if it’s okay to just toss raw ground beef in a slow cooker to make chili. He said you can (yay!) but the flavor deepens if you get a good sear on it first. Still, after watching many episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, I am really tempted to try making a super easy chili in the slow cooker without cooking the ground beef first. It seems to break down the ground beef into tiny pieces, which could be awesome for a chili to top nachos, baked potatoes and more. Have you ever done that?

Duran also suggested that it’s a great idea to spray the slow cooker with cooking oil spray before cooking because it makes cleanup easier later. I always forget to do that, but can’t wait to try (and hopefully have easier cleanup!).

If you missed the class, you can read more about it by heading over to The Motherhood blog for a full recap. Also, special thanks to ReadySetEat, George Duran and The Motherhood for allowing me to co-host.

Disclosure: I was compensated for co-hosting the class. All opinions are my own.


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