A Happy Cupcake Surprise

Something happened today that made me giddy with excitement. I had to share it. So, I arrived home this afternoon to find a thick manilla envelope waiting for me. Inside was this recipe filled magazine from Betty Crocker. It’s one of those that you see near the checkout at the grocery store and called Betty Crocker Best Cupcakes & More.

Having happily worked with the folks at Betty Crocker, Pillsbury and Tablespoon for several years now, I’ve received a few surprise packages. But this one was by far the best yet. Why? Well, see that page number and “Congrats!”? Guess what was on page 15?

My recipe! Squeal! (Did I mention that I’m a little excited?) I had no idea that my recipe was being included so this was a huge, huge happy surprise.

The best part? Seeing my photo along with my name and blog in print … coming from a journalism background, there is something so magical to me about seeing my name printed.

A little about the recipe … I created these cupcakes last fall for Betty Crocker for an assignment. They were inspired by a similar cupcake I had from a pastry shop in Hopewell Junction, New York. What are they? Chocolate cake. Cream filling. Cannoli cream on top. And then a big ol’ dollop of chocolate ganache. Totally blissfully delicious.

You can find the recipe on the Betty Crocker website … or pick up this cute book of cupcakes at the grocery.


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    WOW! How exciting and to think you didn’t know it was coming is even better.

    Sadly we don’t have those magazines at our checkouts but I’ll check out the Betty Crocker site now. We have several Betty Crocker items in our grocery stores now. Makes my American side feel right at home.

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