Spontaneous Summer S’mores

I believe in being spontaneous. It’s what summertime is all about. The last minute decision to take a walk past all the beachfront homes, letting yourself imagine what it would be like to live there. The turn-on-a-dime choice to close the laptop and run off to the beach to play in the sand. The mid-dinner decision to whip up s’mores for dessert, to the delight of the kids.

Spontaneousness is a good thing. I think it can make little things so much more special when they come as a surprise. And those little things, with the fun moments attached become the most cherished memories.

On a recent evening, I was preparing dinner to eat outside on our picnic table. Our dinner – grilled Hawaiian marinated chicken, corn on the cob, fries and caprese on our favorite local semolina bread – set the right summery tone.

It was the perfect night for lighting some tiki torches, listening to some Jimmy Buffet and Elvis and enjoying the not-too-hot temperatures. Since I was recently asked to be a camp counselor for Hershey’s Camp Bondfire summer event, it was the perfect night to have our Tiki Torch Luau (that was our theme). Was it spontanenous? Yes, in the fact that I wasn’t sure when we’d do it and I decided very last minute to create the experience.

As we finished dinner at our picnic table, I asked the kids what they thought came next. Usually that’s my lead in for telling them to get ready for bed, so they started to get up to go. Then I told them that they needed to go play some more outside while I got things ready for … dessert!


While the kids played, I set up our s’mores bar with Hershey bars and graham crackers and got everything going to toast the marshmallows. As the kids realized what was up, their eyes lit up in excitement. S’mores, one of my all-time favorite desserts, are such a special summer treat and I love sharing them with the kids (even if they can be super messy at times).

My favorite memory from the night? When my son was enjoying his first s’mores of the night, I looked up to see the melting chocolate about to drip away. I’ve never seen him move so fast – but he totally saved it (and ended up with s’mores everywhere – including in his hair I later discovered).

Being spontaneous isn’t something you can prepare for. But thanks to Hershey’s and The Motherhood, I happened to have all the right supplies on hand – marshmallows, Hershey’s milk chocolate, graham crackers and sticks for roasting – to create that magical after dinner moment when I told the kids that it was s’mores time.

Read more about our sticky, sweet, fun experience on Hershey’s Facebook Page, where I am featured this week.


Disclosure: I was compensated with gift cards for a stipend and supplies and also provided with the mixin’s for s’mores by Hershey’s. All opinions are my own.


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