Hot, Hotter, Hottest Salsa

| July 24, 2012 | 3 Comments

One recipe. Four salsas. That’s really like something for everyone, isn’t it? The spice-avoiding kids will love the basic salsa and the Southwest version. Spice-likers will appreciate the Roasted Garlic version. And heat-seekers will love the Burn Baby Burn Hot version. Check out the recipe for Hot, Hotter, Hottest Salsa on allParenting.

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Sarah Walker Caron is a writer, editor and recipe developer who loves to create delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy together. Her work has appeared in countless publications including iVillage, BELLA NYC Magazine, Yum for Kids magazine and more. She lives in Maine with her two food-loving kids.

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  1. Kate says:

    I love this idea given that the little guy doesn’t like spice and the big guy and I do.

  2. Fantastic! Lovely of you to give the non spicy version too. Anything spicy is my fav, loved this Salsa!! :-D

  3. Born27 says:

    Wow! This hot salsa looks way too tempting. I cant wait to try this. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

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