Hash Browns, Eggs and Your Set by Calphalon

Have you ever wished you could customize a cookware set for the way you love to cook? Well now you can, with Your Set by Calphalon. I was lucky enough to receive two incredibly versatile pieces, and I used them for some of my favorite dishes.

See how I used the AccuCore Stainless Steel 3-quart Sauté Pan and the Unison Non-stick 10″ Omelet Pan for My Set, My Hash Browns and Eggs.

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


When I was at my cousin’s for Thanksgiving dessert last week, eggs came up — and my love of them. Actually, it went more like this: my cousin was giving some fresh farm eggs to my other cousin and said “Sarah loves eggs. She eats them every day.”

I wonder how he knew that. It’s really not common knowledge. I don’t think.

But it’s true — I eat eggs nearly every day and almost always ones that are in the runny, creamy style like poached or fried. Sometimes they are breakfast with toast, sometimes they are lunch served over veggies. Sometimes they are dinner or over rice or with avocado. But one way I really, truly love runny eggs is over hash browns.

Recently, I was asked to create a recipe that’s a fresh take on a classic comfort food — and hash browns and eggs immediately came to mind. It’s like the perfect diner food — but made better with sweet potatoes and an easy at-home preparation.

To make my dish, Calphalon provided me with two of their amazing pans to work with. The AccuCore Stainless Steel 3-quart Sauté Pan was perfect for making some tender, lightly browned sweet potato hash browns and the Unison Non-stick 10″ Omelet Pan was awesome for the olive oil fried egg, which slide right out of the pan as it should. You can check out my recipe for Sweet Potato Hash Browns with Olive Oil Fried Eggs on Relish.

Calphalon has developed a fantastic new way for people to buy their cooking sets — and it’s perfect for those who love to cook. You know how sets come with a prescribed array of pots and pans — and they are all one type (such as all nonstick)? Well, that’s always seemed a little impractical to me. I mean, while I love my set of stainless steel pans, I needed more than just one type of pan — nonstick is important to have for cooking things like eggs too. So my cabinets are filled with nonstick and stainless pans that I have assembled together to create my own set … but now making that perfect for you set is way easier. At www.calphalon.com/yourset, you can create your own set based on your specific needs (how cool is that?!?).

I can’t tell you how much I adore the two pans I tried out from Calphalon. They both cook evenly and feel so sturdy. With the Unison Nonstick Omelet pan, it’s so easy to cook up foods that would normally stick — like eggs — and let them slide to the plate without a broken yolk or stuck-on-bit. The AccuCore Stainless Steel, with its copper core for even distribution of heat, is perfect for searing meats (or making hash browns!), letting the food get a nice golden hue. I really, truly love these pans.

What’s your ideal mix of pans for cooking?


Disclosure: I was compensated by Calphalon via Clever Girls Collective for participation in this program and also provided with two pans to work with. All opinions are my own.


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