A Fresh, New Look for Sarah’s Cucina Bella

So … notice anything different?

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The Pink Pear logo has served me well over the years since it was created five years ago. Back then, Paige was an infant and Will was a toddler. I was in that early motherhood stage and the logo captured the fun, friendly, sweet look I wanted. When it was created, my husband Shawn, Cate and I all poured through the options my designer gave me and agreed that this was the one.

I loved it. Heck, I even wore it (yep, I have a few promotional t-shirts … and a grocery sack).

But after five years, it’s time to retire the old girl. She’s been a fabulous companion — something familiar and pretty. But, as with anything, things change. People change.

My children are both in school now. My work has grown and adapted and blossomed. And me? I am a little older and, I hope, a little wiser. So, over the summer, I made the decision that Sarah’s Cucina Bella would get an overhaul.

And by overhaul, I mean complete cosmetic change.

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably noticed the color palette that I shared earlier this week. It’s the basis for everything on the new design — and I hope you love it as much as I do.

In addition to the new logo and look, there is a fresh Recipe index — with pictures! Be sure to check it out — I think the photos make it so much more useful. Now, you can pop in and scan the photos for something that looks tasty in any of the (many) categories.

There are a few new features that are forthcoming for the site — like a recipe box and menu planner.

But don’t worry, the site’s makeover is cosmetic only. The core of the site remains the same — it’s still a blog about home cooking and raising a healthy family.

Thanks so much for reading! My readers are so special to me and I love seeing your comments, emails, Facebook messages and tweets come through. It means so much. So again, thank you!

Now, tell me what you think!


    • Sarah W. Caron says

      Thank you, Carrie! I am looking forward to seeing what you do with your sites soon (as you mentioned!). Best wishes!

  1. San Diego Foodies says

    Cool change, nice color palette and seems to imbue serenity and sensibility. Do these colors have some meanings?

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