Turn Up Your Deviled Eggs

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Easter is this Sunday.

Like, whoa.

It seems so early to have Easter arrive, but here it is. And it’s time to start thinking Easter menus. Mine is typically pretty similar year to year — Overnight Creme Brulee French Toast, spiral ham, an egg dish … But the first two are the ones that everyone waits for. The rest is … the rest.

But not this year. This year, the eggs will be fabulous. Perhaps a quiche will appear on the table. And we’re definitely going crazy with deviled eggs. I’ve been playing with new deviled egg recipes and shared a few over on allParenting.com (head over there to check out three fabulous new recipes for deviled eggs!). One of them will even be making an appearance on our Easter table.

What do you have planned for your Easter menu?


  1. Maryanne Schrank says

    I found your Crème Brulee French Toast, but not through your site. Tried it for Easter brunch where it disappeared! I was disappointed in the appearance… partly MY FAULT… I failed to notice the suggestion to flip the pieces for serving, but mostly because when I removed it from the fridg in the morning, there was no liquid remaining…. thus after cooking the results were not soft and tender. Should I just add more liquid to the initial process? I want to try it again.

    • says

      Hi Maryanne,

      Where did you find the recipe? It’s right here if you need it: http://sarahscucinabella.com/2012/04/09/special-occasion-overnight-creme-brulee-french-toast/

      Also, there are many variables that go into something like this — I’ve never had all the liquid absorb into overnight French toast. However, if that happens, adding a little more egg/milk/vanilla might help. However, my bigger concern is the why that happened and what yours looked like. First, did you use an oven-safe glass pan (ie Pyrex)? A metal one will cook a lot differently, as would a ceramic one. Did you cover the French toast while in the fridge overnight? Also, I would check your oven temperature calibration (use an oven thermometer to see if 350 is indeed 350 in your oven — over time, variations in intended vs actual oven temperature can occur. Also, finally, try cooking it for a little less time if the tops getting too browned. Hope this helps!

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