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Where did you find the recipe? It’s right here if you need it:

Also, there are many variables that go into something like this — I’ve never had all the liquid absorb into overnight French toast. However, if that happens, adding a little more egg/milk/vanilla might help. However, my bigger concern is the why that happened and what yours looked like. First, did you use an oven-safe glass pan (ie Pyrex)? A metal one will cook a lot differently, as would a ceramic one. Did you cover the French toast while in the fridge overnight? Also, I would check your oven temperature calibration (use an oven thermometer to see if 350 is indeed 350 in your oven — over time, variations in intended vs actual oven temperature can occur. Also, finally, try cooking it for a little less time if the tops getting too browned. Hope this helps!

By: Maryanne Schrank Fri, 05 Apr 2013 13:53:53 +0000 Sarah
I found your Crème Brulee French Toast, but not through your site. Tried it for Easter brunch where it disappeared! I was disappointed in the appearance… partly MY FAULT… I failed to notice the suggestion to flip the pieces for serving, but mostly because when I removed it from the fridg in the morning, there was no liquid remaining…. thus after cooking the results were not soft and tender. Should I just add more liquid to the initial process? I want to try it again.