The Joy of a Night Out

The Hook Malibu and Diet Sarahs Cucina Bella

Sitting in a dimly lit restaurant with good company, enjoying good conversation and mouthwatering food and drinks — it’s a colossal treat. A joy, even. To say that we don’t get out enough is the understatement of the century — so when I was asked to go out for a nice dinner and sample drinks with Malibu Island Spiced Rum, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. I mean, seriously, who am I to say no to a nice night out?

So I stuck the diffuser on my hair dryer and fancied up my hair. Then I tossed on a favorite dress and pretty sandals and away we went to The Hook, a local restaurant that I’ve heard great things about.

The Hook has rustic exposed brick walls, a hoppin’ bar area and a separate dining area set in the back. We settled in and checked out the menus and specials.

When our server arrived, I asked immediately about Malibu Island Spiced and then ordered a Malibu Spiced and Diet Cola. I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into ordering it. I haven’t had a rum and cola in years, and have never had one with a rum like Malibu Spiced, but I was excited to try it.

Have you heard of the new Malibu Island Spiced Rum? It’s a bold Caribbean rum with coconut, vanilla and a hint of cinnamon. But perhaps best of all, it’s lower in calories — with just 70 calories per serving.

So the drink … my husband laughed as I paused to photograph it before taking a big sip. But what’s a blogging girl to do? Once I finally did take a sip, I discovered that the coconut flavor of the rum was an amazing complement to the diet cola. The layers of flavor in the drink were refreshing and even a little exciting — especially since it was so different. Moreover, it didn’t taste like something low in calories — it was positively decadent.

The Hook Meal Sarahs Cucina Bella

My Malibu Spiced and Diet Cola paired perfectly with the light and satisfying dinner I had. We started with The Hook’s fabulous crusty bread with kalamata olives, cheese and roasted garlic. Then came the fresh salad dressed with a just-right vinaigrette. For dinner, I chose the chicken special, Pollo Aregosta. Sauteed chicken, lobster meat, roasted red peppers, red onions and capers swam in a light garlic white wine sauce. It was amazing.

The Hook Steak Sarahs Cucina Bella

And, of course, it was great with my husband’s big New York Strip Steak too. But doesn’t everything go with a good steak?

Thanks so much to Malibu for encouraging us to get out on the town — and for introducing us to this fab new drink. Yes, we’ll be having it again.


Disclosure: I was compensated for our night out and for writing this post by Malibu via BlogHer. All opinions are my own.


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MALIBU ® Caribbean Rum with Coconut Liqueur & Natural Spices, with Truvia® Sweetener. 30% Alc./Vol. (60 Proof) ©2013 Imported by Pernod Ricard USA, Purchase, NY

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*when mixed with your favorite zero calorie mixer. Limes and other garnishes may add calories



  1. says

    What a fun night out! :) I love Malibu. The perfect spiced cocktail I make has Malibu, blended with frozen pineapple, a little chili pepper for the kick and finish all off with some club soda. It’s really good.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  2. Jessie C. says

    I would add lime and cherry to make my perfect Malibu Island Spiced Cocktail
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  3. D Schmidt says

    I would make a cocktail of spiced rum, pineapple juice, coconut cream, some strawberries and a banana blended.

  4. Peter G says

    Use diet soda because so many of my guest are counting calories. I would put a little sword with fresh fruit across the top of the drink.

  5. ky2here says

    for some reason, it’s not possible to copy and paste my tweet here. so it’s tweeted from @ky2here1 and I’ll provide proof including date and time if you select this entry. The timestamp is 8:13 PM although it was 9:13P EST

  6. Crystal F says

    I’ve never had rum so I’m not sure but maybe I would try it with some sprite. I’m not sure if that goes together or not. lol Thank you!

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