Ch-Ch-Changes: Email Subscribers Update and a New Monthly Newsletter

I have a little housekeeping to do this morning … sharing some upcoming changes and a new feature! Thank you to everyone who reads Sarah’s Cucina Bella. The support for this site over the years has wildly exceeded my expectations and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Email Subscribers Update

If you receive posts from Sarah’s Cucina Bella by email, this will impact you. Otherwise, you can totally scroll past this section.

On July 15, Sarah’s Cucina Bella is making a few changes to how email subscribers receive posts from Sarah’s Cucina Bella. First, I’m moving to a three times per week email. That means that no matter how many times each week a new post appears on Sarah’s Cucina Bella, you will receive only three emails — Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Why do this? Well, this will give me the freedom to sometimes add more posts to the site without clogging your email inboxes. So, if I want to post twice in a day, then I can and I don’t have to worry about it impacting subscribers. You will still receive every post in your inbox, as usual, except multiple posts will be contained in one single email.

Second, I am changing email services. Until now, I’ve had some subscribers on FeedBlitz, my own email service, and others on a WordPress-based email service. However, managing subscriptions across two services is complicated since I have to monitor both, and keep two different templates up-to-date. Moving to one single service (I’ll be using MadMimi) will allow me to streamline. As the subscriber, the impact to you will be minimal, if at all.

Current subscribers, don’t worry! You don’t have to do anything to continue receiving SCB emails. I will take care of moving emails over to the new service.

Monthly Inspirations Menu Plan Email

Also, launching this Friday, July 5, is a new monthly newsletter option. The Monthly Inspirations Menu Plan email is a once-a-month menu plan sent directly to your inbox on the 5th of each month featuring recipes from Sarah’s Cucina Bella. It will include recipes for an appetizer, main course, side dishes and desserts in every plan. And as an added bonus, each recipe will have the option to add directly to your Ziplist Recipe Box. From there, you can also create a shopping list using the recipes you plan to make.

To sign up for this new monthly newsletter, fill in your email address below.

One More Thing … (Input Please!)

Finally, I am considering a change that would impact both email subscribers and those who read via feed readers. For many years, I have offered a full RSS feed — meaning that full posts appear in emails and on feed readers. However, I’m at a point where I would like to switch to a partial RSS feed. My reasons are many. For starters, we are in a challenging time for digital content creators like myself. RSS feeds are routinely used illegally to lift content and display it on other websites, social media sites, etc. Though I don’t have any present issues with this, I have concerns that continuing to offer a full feed puts my content in jeopardy. Secondly, my content is optimized for viewing on my website, and that’s really where I want you to be reading it. Research also suggests that when partial RSS feeds are used, people tend to engage more with blogs — as in commenting, discussing, etc. More discussion is definitely a good thing. And, as someone making her living through this site and my other writing work, it helps me if you come to my site since every time the ads in the sidebar appear on your screen, I get a little money.

I’d love your input on this though: Would you be okay with this change? Would you click through? Is a partial RSS feed a complete turnoff?


  1. Mary-Denise Smith says

    You have to do what is best for your business. I will certainly remain one of your loyal subscribers as long as it is an email subscription. Thanks for asking!!

  2. Andrea says

    I’m not a fan of truncated RSS feeds. As it is, I read all of your posts, even if I’m not sure that I will care for the recipe. With a truncated feed, I’ll most likely only click through for the recipes that appeal to me. I totally get your reasoning for it but it’s not going to motivate me to interact more.

    • says

      Andrea, thank you so much for your perspective on this. It’s a really hard decision for me, because I want to balance what I need from a business perspective with what my readers like you want. I really appreciate your response!

  3. LBradford says

    I subscribe to your site via email.

    For feedback purposes, I can say that I subscribe to a large number of food blogs via RSS feeds. When there are too many at one time, I am far more likely to skip over the partial feeds. If you do go this route, I would encourage you to use an enticing title and to make sure that the few lines that do get posted in the RSS feed give a good and inviting indication of what is in the full bog post.

    • says

      That’s a really great point, and something I have thought about, LBradford. If I do end up using the partial feed, then I will definitely start each post with a really alluring lead-in (perhaps a quick 1 liner about the recipe?). As for titles, that’s challenging since recipe names have to be my titles for index purposes. Do you think I need more interesting recipe names?

  4. says

    I have never published full posts in my feed Sarah for the reasons you cite and they’re valid ones. If someone can’t appreciate your reasoning then I’m thinking ‘Oh well’ or maybe even ‘buh bye’ fits!

    This blogging business is hard work even if a labor of love; making a decision to change to protect your content, increase engagement and yes…actually expect compensation for your efforts is nothing but reasonable. My only suggestion? Setup your feed to include your main photo; a picture really does more to effect engagement.

  5. says

    For your blog, the switch wouldn’t effect me, since I click through anyway so I’m able to comment. But I will say that blogs I don’t comment on, I never click through truncated feeds.

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