Girl Scouts “I Can’t Wait To” Blog Tour

I am being compensated by Girl Scouts for my participation in this campaign as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. All opinions are my own.

Paige at Soccer

Paige, last year. She was so excited to being playing soccer. This year, she is playing again and also joining Girl Scouts — and she can’t wait.

Last spring, Paige and I went to a local Girl Scouts event where prospective scouts could get a feel for the organization. The girls feasted on pizza, cupcakes and juice. Then they sang songs and did a few crafts. There was something so sweet about the whole thing — especially when the girls did a singalong that involved the moms too.

I love that Girl Scouts helps girls to both have fun being themselves and also experience new things.

That night, my friend mentioned that they were still looking for leaders for a troop for our girls. She suggested maybe we could do it. Nervous, I didn’t agree right away. But before I knew it, she and I were immersed in applications, training and planning. A little more than three months later, we have a troop number and are just about ready to hold our very first meeting.

Our troop is a Daisies troop — the youngest of the Girl Scouts. This year, our troop of first-grade girls will earn all the petals of their Daisy along with a few leaves through learning, crafting and getting out into the community. We’ll sell cookies (swoon!). And then we will end the year with their bridge ceremony where the girls will become Brownies.

Girl Scouts Book

It’s going to be a really exciting year. We are starting to plan fun outings — like visiting a local creamery to see how ice cream is made and going behind the scenes at a local publisher.

Being a Girl Scout leader wasn’t a simple process — there were many forms and trainings. But it’s an important foundation to set us up for scouting success. Of course, there are many ways to volunteer (which require much less prep work!) — such as being the Cookie Mom (as in the one who runs the cookie sales for the troop) or volunteering to help at meetings. Volunteers are what make the organization a success — serving as role models for the 2.3 million Girl Scouts in the United States.

It was totally good timing when an email landed in my inbox asking if I would participate in the Girl Scouts “I Can’t Wait To” Blog Tour Campaign. I am so excited to join this organization as a volunteer. The blog tour is intended to spread the word about joining Girl Scouts. If you have a daughter, scouting can provide so many fun and interesting opportunities for her to learn, grow and lead. And if you want to volunteer, there are so many opportunities to help out. What are you waiting for?

Disclosure: I was compensated for creating this post but all opinions are my own.



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