4 Things I Can’t Get Enough Of: Back to School 2014 Edition

The “Things I Can’t Get Enough Of feature is a fun project I started awhile back to share some of the many things I try. I highlight only the products and foods that I truly love. Here’s what I can’t get enough of this month … Enjoy!

KIND Bars and Granola


What’s for breakfast? That’s a question that comes up all too often. And although my kids are responsible for preparing their own breakfasts, it’s up to me to make sure we keep the kitchen stocked with nutritious options. It’s no secret that I love KIND bars. We almost always have some stocked in the kitchen for quick breakfasts and snacks. And now, there’s more KIND to love. Between the granolas (which are equally awesome with yogurt and with ice cream … just sayin’), the new granola bars and the nut bars that I have been wild about for years, there are a lot of wholesome options available. My kids also love the KIND mini bars, which are smaller versions and perfect for lunch boxes — as long as your kids go to a school that allows nuts. KIND recently sent me some of their newest options, and we loved ’em all. My newest favorite flavor? Caramel Almond & Sea Salt … it’s sweet, smooth, salty and just right.

Get it: These are available in stores and online. Watch for sales, and stock up.

Reynold’s Cookie Baking Sheet and Baking Cups


Back to school means back to lunch packing, and I really love being able to send homemade treats to school once in a while. But with a tight schedule, I love anything that makes life easier. And these cookie baking sheets are pieces of parchment paper that come perfectly sized for a standard cooking baking sheet. Hello, time saver! And those Reynold’s StayBrite Baking Cups are the best muffin liners I’ve ever used. They are sturdy, bright and keep their color after baking. Plus, the foil interior means that you never have that awkward muffin-sticking-to-wrapper situation. Score! I’ve been using these baking cups for years, but when Reynold’s recently sent me a care package of their fab products, I was so excited for the new baking sheets.

Get it: These are available in grocery stores, Target, etc.

Jarlsberg Minis

Jarlsberg Minis

What’s in your lunch box? Between the kids’ lunches and mine, we are always in need of quick and easy options to pack. I try to keep everything balanced with fruits, veggies, protein and carbs. That’s why I was so excited when Jarlsberg recently sent me some of their new Jarlsberg Minis to try. Little rounds of Jarlsberg cheese are wrapped in wax and plastic. It’s so easy to grab one of these and toss them into the lunch boxes with a ice pack and other snacks. Better yet, Will and I love them. They have all the flavor of Jarlsberg cheese in a convenient little package. They are so easy to grab and go — and a little cheese in the lunch box? Totally the best.

Get it: Available at grocery stores.

Madhava Agave Five Drink Mix


When I was a teen, my friend’s mom mixed up a pitcher of a raspberry drink for us one hot summer day. I fell in love with all its artificially sweetened goodness and totally associate it was summer fun. Fast forward 20 years or so, and I don’t drink that anymore (on account of avoiding artificial sweeteners, of course). But thankfully, I can get a taste of that familiar flavor with Madhava’s Agave Five Drink Mix in the Raspberry Refresh flavor. And since it’s sweetened with agave nectar and stevia (hey, that’s natural!), I don’t feel bad about swirling it into my ice water at work or at home. Also available in flavors like coconut and iced tea-lemonade, this drink mix — which comes in convenient on-the-go packets — is worth trying. Madhava sent me a bunch of these to try, and I really loved them.

Get it: Available in grocery stores and online.

Disclosure: This is editorial coverage. However, ss noted, I was provided with product samples of these products to try them out for possible inclusion. I never ever promise coverage. I am often sent samples, but only the ones I love the most make the cut for this 5 Things feature. 


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