What’s Your Favorite Park?

Kent Falls Lead Main 2

Do you have a favorite park? One that’s special to you and your family? Parks are a wonderful resource for everyone. They are places where friends can gather and people can get out and explore nature and experience the world. Here in Connecticut, we have many wonderful parks. One I love is Dinosaur State Park,…

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Book Review: The Weird Sisters

weird sisters

With the weekend looming (perhaps that’s too ominous … it’s a happy thing), I am already thinking about what book I will dive into. This year, I’ve been reading a steady flow of fiction and nonfiction books, including a number of books through the BlogHer Book Club. My latest one? The Weird Sisters by Eleanor…

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simple turkey sandwich

Christmas is coming in just 10 days. Presents still need to be purchased. There is wrapping to do. And we still have to get a tree for the living room (that’s deliberate … We’ll do that on Tuesday). Only the mini kitchen tree is up so far. I’ve decorated the kitchen and the porch. There…

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