Fertile Friday: Back Again

Say hello to my little friend … Oh, yes, we finally have pumpkins. Quite a few in fact. So I am cautiously (after this season of rain, rain, rain, blight, heat, heat, heat, who wouldn’t be?) optimistic that we may actually get to harvest some pumpkins this season. Here’s to hoping.

Fertile Fridays: Thank Goodness for Rain

Earlier this summer, rain punctuated each day. We were in a state of constant gray, which was anything but fun. These past few weeks have been quite the opposite — A string of hot, unyielding humidity and anything by rain. The plants have been drooping and sagging under the heat of the sun. It’s like…

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Fertile Fridays: Pumpkins on the Run

Oh my. Apparently, the  pumpkins really like the sunshine and occasionally bouts of heavy rain. In the past week, the leaves have gone from what I thought was a good size to enormous and they have extended vine fingers into my lawn … with curly-ques that are wrapping around whatever they can reach. It’s sort…

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Fertile Fridays: Raining Again?

It felt like rain threatened to come all day. The grey clouds hung around like unwanted party guests who don’t know when to leave. And just when it was clear that they overstayed their welcome, it rained. In fact, it’s still raining now. No matter. I have something exciting to show you.

Fertile Fridays: EATEN!

Growing food at home is hard. Really hard. And not in the way I expected it to be. I expected it to be challenging to get plants to grow strong enough to grow up and develop into good. That was the easy part, as it turns out. The hard part? Keeping the critters away from…

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Fertile Fridays: Rain Be Gone!

This month certainly feels like it’s been one rain storm after another. Ok. Maybe it feels that way because it has been that way. We’ve had so few opportunities to get outside and enjoy our yard and work on creating more edible areas. But when we have had the opportunity, we’ve capitalized on it –…

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Fertile Fridays: Gardening is So Fulfilling

Tomatoes! Tomatoes! There are real, albeit tiny, tomatoes on our vines! And tons of blossoms just waiting to burst into more tomatoes. The funny thing is that it’s the sungold cherry tomatoes that are growing at lightning speed, while the early tomatoes I planted are ho-humming along. Go figure. The broccoli is flowering big now,…

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Fertile Fridays: Broccoli Flowers?

We harvested and ate most of the broccoli. But, being novices, we failed to harvest this head in time. Did you ever wonder what happens to broccoli left to grow too long? It becomes a beautiful mass of yellow flowers … who knew? I also trimmed away some of the larger leaves on the spinach…

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Fertile Fridays: First Harvest

We’ve been sort of counting down until we could happily pluck the fresh heads of broccoli from our garden … today, we did just that — while making dinner. There was something amazing about running outside, plucking a few of the heads and then washing and preparing it. The broccoli literally went from garden plot…

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