Ramps, and a Delicious Quick and Easy Ramp Pesto

This quick and easy recipe for Ramp Pesto uses the seasonal wild onion to make a bold pesto that my kids and I love. Meet ramps … In the bowl pictured above are some chopped ramps, a wild onion that grows in the Eastern part of the United States and Canada. Also known as a…

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Apple Picking in November

The sky turned a brilliant blue today … better than anything Crayola could imagine. And the temperatures were downright warm — along the lines of what we expect from early October, but certainly not November. It was just one of those gloriously beautiful Sundays. A day like today should be spent outdoors, enjoying the weather…

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Fertile Friday: Back Again

Say hello to my little friend … Oh, yes, we finally have pumpkins. Quite a few in fact. So I am cautiously (after this season of rain, rain, rain, blight, heat, heat, heat, who wouldn’t be?) optimistic that we may actually get to harvest some pumpkins this season. Here’s to hoping.

Fertile Fridays: Thank Goodness for Rain

Earlier this summer, rain punctuated each day. We were in a state of constant gray, which was anything but fun. These past few weeks have been quite the opposite — A string of hot, unyielding humidity and anything by rain. The plants have been drooping and sagging under the heat of the sun. It’s like…

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