Help for Life’s Weird Moments

Going to Walt Disney World? Magical. Having someone co-opt your account while you are there? Not magical.

Do you pay for things electronically? I do. Many people do. And sometimes, other people co-opt accounts to do so as well. I was compensated for creating this post but all opinions are my own. That’s never fun — at least not for the person whose account it actually is. A few years ago, while…

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Inside Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

Pepes Clam Pie

When it comes to pizza, it’s no secret that I have a¬†massive love affair with New Haven style pizza. The ultra-thin crusts, flavorful sauces and the sometimes-New England-centric toppings (the White Clam Pie, pictured above, from Frank Pepe’s is the perfect example), make it so special. And in recent years, New Haven has started getting…

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Lunching with Tourism Australia

Australia Oysters

Confession: Australia has never been on my must-visit list. It seemed like an awfully far distance to travel to visit a country that wasn’t that different per se. I mean, sure, they have kangaroos and the Great Barrier Reef and all. But that didn’t seem like enough to travel so far for. Good thing I…

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