Creamy Chicken Quesadillas

Creamy Chicken Quesadilla

Smoky cheese, a spicy cream sauce and rotisserie chicken are the stars in this quick and easy recipe for Creamy Chicken Quesadillas. When an email arrived in January announcing a cooking class at the after school program that my children attend, it was a no-brainer. I signed them up immediately. Though the kids have cooked…

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Roasted Shrimp with Shallots and Garlic

Roasted Shrimp with Garlic and Shallots

Wondering how to make roasted shrimp? It’s easy! Learn how with this quick recipe for Roasted Shrimp with Shallots and Garlic. The first time I spoke to my freshman college suitemate from Hawaii, we talked for hours. I remember laying across an armchair in my parent’s sunny living room and feeling like I’d just met my…

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Family Dinners Really Do Matter, a Guest Post by Aviva Goldfarb

Spanish Oven Omelet with Diced Potatoes KW

Please welcome the lovely Aviva Goldfarb to Sarah’s Cucina Bella today. She’s the fabulous mind behind the meal planning service The Six O’Clock Scramble, and author of several cookbooks. I first spoke with Aviva several years ago while writing an article about services like hers. She was so insightful, kind and interesting that I felt…

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Healthy Drink: Easy Apple Strawberry Slushies

Apple Strawberry Slushies

I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop and creation of a fun healthy drink has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and their client. Do you ever have silly fun with the kids in your life? We do. Sometimes Shawn and I…

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Cooking with Kids: English Muffin Pizzas

english muffin pizza

Sometimes, cooking with kids is all about teaching them measuring, mixing and knife skills. We do this a lot. The kids and I talk about the different measurements we use and measure things out together. They are often the ones to whisk-shift dry ingredients for me or to stir together whatever needs stirring. But cooking…

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Seasoned Baked Chicken Nuggets

baked chicken nuggets

The other night, when I was at Cate‘s house for our Blogger Thanksgiving fest, we were reheating a batch of these Homemade Seasoned Baked Chicken Nuggets that I made for the kids. Cate asked me if they were done right after I’d checked on them, and I said “No, they aren’t humming yet.” It never…

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Sweet and Sour Baby Bok Choy


Last week, Rivki encouraged me to be adventurous with veggies in the winter, since it’s better to enjoy what you are eating then to stick to what’s inexpensive. It makes a lot of sense. I rarely eat beef, instead opting for chicken or turkey or fish, so I spend less on proteins these days. So,…

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