Garlic Tomato Crostini with Ricotta

garlic tomato ricotta crostini

Poor ricotta cheese. It’s usually made with the leftover whey from making other cheeses but is rarely a destination food unto itself. Really, ricotta cheese is highly underrated and underutilized. Generally left to tango with marinara in baked ziti or spread on lasagna noodles all whipped up with egg and Parmesan or sweetened and piped…

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Cinnamon-Sugar Coffee Cake, A Vintage Recipe

vintage coffee cake-lead

Coffee cake is one of those things. It’s comforting and familiar and perfect for breakfast. This one, made from a recipe from the 1930s, has a dense crumb and an irresistible buttery cinnamon sugar topping. No, it’s not that impossibly fluffy and almost-dessert-sweet coffee cake from the grocery store. But it doesn’t want to be….

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Maple Corn Muffins

maples corn muffins

It’s a muffin! It’s a corn muffin! It’s a maple corn muffin! And it’s amazing. Filled with maple-y goodness, these easy muffins aren’t overly sweet, which makes them so versatile. You can enjoy them warm with a pat of butter (my favorite way!) for breakfast or a snack. Who doesn’t love butter? They are tender…

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Perfect Pumpkin Bread

pumpkin bread

A quick and easy recipe for Perfect Pumpkin Bread. This is a must-try quick bread recipe. With Will and Paige back in school, our house dynamic is shifting again. It does at the start and end of every summer. And I love that subtle shift … it means that sometimes I am the only one…

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