Maple Corn Muffins

maples corn muffins

It’s a muffin! It’s a corn muffin! It’s a maple corn muffin! And it’s amazing. Filled with maple-y goodness, these easy muffins aren’t overly sweet, which makes them so versatile. You can enjoy them warm with a pat of butter (my favorite way!) for breakfast or a snack. Who doesn’t love butter? They are tender…

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How to Bake Bacon: A Less Mess Method


When my power went out on Sunday and I couldn’t work on Monday and Tuesday, it wasn’t a restful few days vacation. There was the stress of having no power and no running water, the worry about the kids safety and health and the extreme concern over my job and freelance writing. It was unsettling,…

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Banana Blueberry Pancakes

It’s not often that overripe bananas find their way into my kitchen. Between Shawn and the kids, we easily plow through a dozen or more a week. But a couple times a year, I get way too overzealous buying bananas or the kids just get tired of them temporarily, and a few of those bananas…

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Summer Fruit Cocktail with Lime-Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup

For a long, long time I have avoided any recipes that fall into the fruit salad or fruit cup or fruit cocktail genre. As much as I love these delightful sweet salads, I just didn’t see the point in offering recipes for them. The reason was simple: fruit salad is ridiculously easy and adaptable, and…

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Chocolate Chip Banana Bread in a Jar

A few weeks ago, Will spied a lone very ripe (ahem, brown) banana on our kitchen counter and declared that I should¬† make banana bread. He adores banana bread. And bananas, for that matter. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to whip up a batch then. Today I finally got around to baking some … in…

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