Roasted Five Spice Squash Seeds

five spice roasted squash seeds

These might look a lot like roasted pumpkin seeds. But they aren’t. They’re actually from a spaghetti squash. And they’re just as delicious. Ok. Are you ready for this? This might blow your mind a little … You can roast seeds from any squash for a delicious snack. Seriously. Squash seeds are edible and can…

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Butternut Squash, Toasted Walnut and Dried Cranberry Salad

butternut squash walnut cranberry salad

So. I’ve had a couple of butternut squashes in my fridge. They’ve been taunting me. Staring me down. Begging me to do something, anything with them. But I was nervous. It’s been years since I handled and cooked squashes in their whole form. Typically, I take the easy way out and buy squash that’s already…

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Prosciutto with Figs and Balsamic Vinegar

Prosciutto Fig Balsamic

When you mention figs, many people hesitate to answer. There’s this pause, a long trying-to-find-the-most-non-offensive-thing-to-say pause. And then, there’s an “Eh … ” Except most often, when you press those same hesitant people, they admit that their exposure to figs has been limited to a certain cookie and other baked goods. They haven’t experienced a…

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Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado and Tomato Sandwiches (AKA the BLAT)


Every time I look at this sandwich, my mind goes blank and I start to salivate a little. It’s not just a BLT — it’s something to behold: creamy, crispy, salty, sweet and juicy. The mind blankness makes it hard to write … let alone come up with some entertaining introduction. So, let’s pretend that…

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How to Bake Bacon: A Less Mess Method


When my power went out on Sunday and I couldn’t work on Monday and Tuesday, it wasn’t a restful few days vacation. There was the stress of having no power and no running water, the worry about the kids safety and health and the extreme concern over my job and freelance writing. It was unsettling,…

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