Loaded Caesar Salad (and the Eat. Live. Be. Reboot)

loaded caesar

Caesar salad is basic. Predictable. Boring, even. I mean, maybe you’ll find some well-seasoned chicken or delicious shrimp on a special Caesar, but generally it’s the same thing: romaine, Caesar dressing and Parmesan, mix well. Oh, and croutons. Repeat. But who says it has to be that way? Who says that Caesar salads can’t be…

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Butternut Squash, Toasted Walnut and Dried Cranberry Salad

butternut squash walnut cranberry salad

So. I’ve had a couple of butternut squashes in my fridge. They’ve been taunting me. Staring me down. Begging me to do something, anything with them. But I was nervous. It’s been years since I handled and cooked squashes in their whole form. Typically, I take the easy way out and buy squash that’s already…

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Summer Fruit Cocktail with Lime-Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup

For a long, long time I have avoided any recipes that fall into the fruit salad or fruit cup or fruit cocktail genre. As much as I love these delightful sweet salads, I just didn’t see the point in offering recipes for them. The reason was simple: fruit salad is ridiculously easy and adaptable, and…

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Heirloom Tomato and Nectarine Salad

At a family party this weekend, my cousin made a beautiful salad of heirloom tomatoes, red onions, herbs, nectarines and a light vinaigrette from a local farm. It was brilliant. The sweetness of the nectarines are a lovely contrast to the onions and tomatoes. And the vinaigrette really brought it all together. It was absolutely…

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