Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts and Asiago Cheese For One

roasted brussels sprouts with walnut2

Today I went to the store with a short list that had maybe six things on it. But I left the store with at least a dozen items. How does that happen? Were the Brussels sprouts really so seductive that I couldn’t leave without them? (Yes.) Did I really need 18 eggs? (Yes.) And cake…

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Bacon and Kale Fried Rice

Bacon and Kale Fried Rice2

After Hurricane Irene knocked out our power for days, I had to restock almost everything in our fridge and freezers. It was somewhere between a colossal pain and a tremendous relief to start fresh like that. I hated losing everything, but being able to start from the basics again was nice. Anyway, when it came…

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Braised Brussels Sprouts with Shallots and Parmesan

braised brussels sprouts

There’s been a serious and welcome chill in the air the past few days. It’s allowed the kids and me to crawl into our flannel pajamas and pull on our favorite socks (mine are fuzzy!). These things – these garments – are a lot like comfort food: something that’s both calming and familiar. It’s been…

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Braised Dinosaur Kale with Shallots, Lemon and Romano

Do you ever just want to cheer from the rooftops? Maybe let out a loud whoop? Or perhaps jump on Oprah’s couch … oh wait, that’s just Tom Cruise.  Anyway, even if you aren’t couch jumping, everyone feels like this sometimes … where something thrills you so much that you just want to tell everyone….

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Lemony Pasta Salad

For years I haven’t watched the news at night. While I think it’s important to be informed (and I am), it’s easy to become enraptured with the frightening amount of bad things that happen every day everywhere. I like to believe in the inherent goodness of people, but also realize that for whatever reason some…

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