A Happy Cupcake Surprise

Betty Crocker Cupcakes

Something happened today that made me giddy with excitement. I had to share it. So, I arrived home this afternoon to find a thick manilla envelope waiting for me. Inside was this recipe filled magazine from Betty Crocker. It’s one of those that you see near the checkout at the grocery store and called Betty…

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Reviving Quick and Easy Salt and Pepper Chicken (and 5 Food Photography Tips for the Non-Photographer)

This quick and easy recipe for Salt and Pepper Chicken Breasts is an easy way to cook chicken for dinner. Pair it with your favorite sides — and a sauce, if you like. If you are a longtime reader of Sarah’s Cucina Bella, you might remember my recipes for Easy Low-Fat Salt and Pepper Chicken…

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Wanted: My Next Writing Gig

See those babies? They are the reason I left my full time job last year to work from home as a full-time freelance writer. And now you (or someone you know) has the chance to hire me! A recent long-term writing contract is coming to an end and I have empty freelancing spots to fill…

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