Don’t Toss the Greens: Five Nutrient-Packed Vegetable Tops You Should Be Eating

Eat Your Greens

Sarah’s Note: Today’s post comes from a fabulous magazine writer and Etsy seller, Jen Matlack. When she asked if I might want to run this piece here, I couldn’t say no. Enjoy, and see you Monday. Guest Post by Jennifer Matlack Contrary to what you might think, the tops of root vegetables aren’t lowly leaves…

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My Spending Diet: Week One

Let me run you through a normal week in my eating life: Saturday: Glance through cooking magazines, cookbooks and notebooks to try to decide what to make this week. Ignore all of it and make a rudimentary meal plan … write a grocery list, trying to remember everything I need. Go grocery shopping with the…

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Cooking with Kids: Chopped Salad Recipe

The kids and I made a Mexican Chopped Salad today. It was awesome, and they gobbled it up. Actually, we gobbled it up. But what was more awesome was our conversation while we cooked. While making it, I made a last-second trade-out of an ingredient, substituting agave nectar for honey. Will immediately asked me why,…

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Raising a Healthy Family: Making Family Dinners Doable


Do you eat dinner as a family? We do, nearly every night. It’s important to me, and studies show that the benefits of eating as a family are huge. Unfortunately, with packed schedules and big work commitments, many families have abandoned the family dinner. It’s time to get back to it though. I’ll be the…

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Raising a Healthy Family: You Are In Charge of Your Kids’ Health!

As parents, one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is to raise them to be healthy in all elements of their life. We have the power to teach them about healthy eating, inspire them to be active and encourage them to live well. First Lady Michelle Obama recently unveiled an official…

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Start The Year Off Right Dr. Oz on Budget-Friendly Healthy Eating

Dr. Mehmet Oz

Dr. Oz shares great budget-friendly healthy eating tips that are perfect for your New Year’s Resolutions — or any time. Happy New Year! This year, I plan to focus even more heavily on healthy living and raising a healthy family. If we take care of our bodies, then we can live longer and happier, and…

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