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Top Chef Chicago: Week Twelve Reflections

To quote Dirty Dancing, when I am wrong, I say I am wrong. Last week I indicated that I didn’t think Lisa could find her way around a steak but Richard could . . . um, what a shock that was. Richard’s was undercooked and improperly butchered . . . and Lisa’s wasn’t.

So, Spike and Lisa can do something right: butcher and cook a steak.

Lisa wouldn’t want the responsibility of choosing a protein? I would! Fortunately, that was the reward for Quick Fire winner Spike, who once again squandered it. Frozen scallops? That’s the special protein you choose? Seriously.

Stephanie clinched the win, showing that she is indeed a contender. I am worried about Richard though – he hasn’t been doing as well lately. I think it’s high time to step it up again.

My husband brought up an interesting point: Lisa has been in the bottom three for countless weeks. How has she managed to survive? And all the time at the Judges’ Table she wears such a puss . . . I think she will be next to go.

Final two: Richard and Antonia. What do you think?

EDITED TO NOTE: I originally said that Antonia had won — fortunately Virtual Frolic caught my gaffe and corrected me. My sincere apologies for the error.

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Friday 30th of May 2008

Lisa will most likely be the one to go. It's like the judges pointed out, out of 12 elimination challenges, Lisa has been on the bottom 5 times and Spike 7. I sincerely hope that's not how they weighed their decision.

Frozen scallops are frozen scallops. Whether or not Tramonto had them in his walk-in to be used for a dish or as a backup to something, it was surprising to see Spike go with it anyway.

One way or another, it's between Stephanie, Richard, and Antonia. I think Richard realizes he needs to step it up for the finale.

Did you see the preview where Lisa chopped her hair? weird....


Friday 30th of May 2008

Jenn, I couldn't believe Spike made that comment either. Talk about sealing your fate...

Sarah - I hope Paige is feeling better soon.

Sarah Caron

Thursday 29th of May 2008

Tonia, I know! He squandered both of his advantages from winning Quick Fires . . . silly man. And I agree -- Lisa will probably be next.

Jenn, no, I can't! That was really shocking . . . and really, what is worse? Having poor quality ingredients (perhaps backups?) in the cooler or choosing -- out of everything in there -- to use them?

VF, agh! You're right! It's fixed in the text. This is what I get for posting while Paige was vomiting . . . poor baby. So ill right now.

Virtual Frolic

Thursday 29th of May 2008

Hey - didn't Stephanie win?

Jenn M.

Thursday 29th of May 2008

I think Richard and Stephanie. Can you believe that Spike made that comment to the guest judge about having poor quality ingredients in his cooler!