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Top Chef Chicago: Week 13 Reflections

I am so disappointed.

This elimination was a nail biter. Antonia undercooked those beans (couldn’t you just read the subtext of “how long did you soak these beans for?”). Lisa has been a bottom two dweller since . . . well for the whole run. Could Lisa actually make it through another week?

Yes. Yes, she could. I am aghast. I am shocked. Lisa is going to the finale. Antonia is not.

Seriously. How could Lisa make it through? Why don’t the judges notice — or acknowledge — that she’s at the judge’s table week after week. Problem? Definitely. Something is just not right here. And her little gripe-session about Richard and Stephanie not congratulating her? Pathetic. Why hadn’t she just gone home?

Meanwhile, one of my favs, Antonia, packs her knives. The injustice.

Regarding the episode: I loved how Stephanie thought on her feet after the pork belly problem. She really pulled out three good looking plates. And Richard (who’s a new dad!) brought his best game too.

Lisa’s reaction when Padma announced that Stephanie would be choosing the sous chefs (prize for winning the Quickfire) was absolutely priceless. We were laughing out loud . . .

Butchering the pig . . . ehh. That would be the breaking point for me. Not sure I could hack it (no pun intended) in the competition with that challenge.

Onto the finale.

EDITED TO ADD: Check out pics of Richard’s adorable baby girl here. No wonder he’s been waxing poetic about “little Blais” babies this season . . . Her name is Riley.

Outraged Yet? I am.
Odds and Ends


Monday 9th of June 2008

Oh, one more thing I wanted to say... There is one good thing about the Top Chef season ending: no more Kathy Griffin commercials! I would not want to be famous for being being the celebrity that no one really notices, if that makes sense.


Sunday 8th of June 2008

Oh my goodness, this was a bittersweet episode for me since I already knew the outcome. Every time Antonia was saying how much she wanted to stay, I just wanted to cry for her. I really can't believe she went home instead of Lisa. Even though the beans were undercooked, she's done a much better job than Lisa.

I loved it when Richard made his comment early in the show about Lisa being "like a dark cloud" or something like that. We were laughing when she got made at Richard & Stephanie about not being congratulated.

I really like both Richard & Stephanie and would be fine if either of them win...just don't let Lisa win.

I think that Antonia may have been sent home to keep Lisa in the top 3 just for the drama she brings. The disclaimer at the end of the show states something along the lines that producers & possibly Bravo execs may have been in the voting decision. What do you all think?

Sarah Caron

Thursday 5th of June 2008

Awww Tonia! That stinks! Be sure to check in once you've watched it and let us know your thoughts too!

Austin, as someone who's been formally trained, do you think you could break down a pig on zero notice?


Thursday 5th of June 2008

You know what, I actually didn't start watching Top Chef until late last season, when they were down to the final 5. But there wasn't any butchering that I can remember, not like this season. I mean, breaking down a rib rack for the final challenge, then breaking down a whole pig as part of the finale... that is a lot of butchering.

I haven't done much butchering, not like they've done. Back in culinary school we've broken down chickens, fileted salmon, but no big time butchery. We had a whole lamb in one of my classes, but the instructor broke that down for us.


Thursday 5th of June 2008

Our power was out last night, so no Top Chef for me. I couldn't resist checking in to see if you'd posted yet. I cannot believe Antonia went home instead of Lisa. I can't wait to catch it tonight.