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I Heart Vitamin Stix

To say I was apprehensive when I agreed to review 4C’s Totally Light 2Go Vitamin Stix would be a massive understatement. After all, they are sugar free, something that doesn’t normally strike my fancy. But it was the best pitch from a PR person that I have received in the lifetime of Sarah’s Cucina Bella. Seriously. The. Best.

(Let me just say right away that my fears were 100 percent unfounded. These are delicious.)

The day after they arrived, I tucked a few into my purse and headed off to work. In the afternoon, when my usual need for a sweet fix kicked in, I opened one of the strawberry/kiwi packets and poured it into my water.

I wasn’t assaulted with overwhelming sweetness. Instead, it was a pleasantly sweet, refreshing drink. I drank the whole thing and was completely satisfied.

Later, I went home and found my husband drinking a dragonfruit/acai Vitamin Stix. He compared it to a flavor of Vitamin Water that we love . . . except, it’s better because there are a fraction of the calories. Totally a good thing.

I wish I had a great story about the passionfuit/citrus, but I don’t. Like the other flavors though, it was just the right amount of sweetness and flavor. We really liked that one too.

Shawn and I agree that these mixes make fantastic, easy drinks. The little packets are easy to grab and go and combine easily with water with a little shake. And we’ve gotten creative with it. Check out A Nice Cuppa on Monday to find out what else we’ve made with Vitamin Stix. . .

Our only regret with these? 4C isn’t selling the  mixes in canisters, so we can’t whip up a whole pitcher. If we could, this could completely replace diet soda in my life . . . and regular soda in my husband’s. But it’s really saying something that my husband has already headed out and bought more Vitamin Stix.

On the go? Pick up some of these mini mixes and you won’t be sorry.

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