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A Taste of Fresh Beets

I love beets.

They are one of those vegetables that you can toss with a glaze or chop into a salad. But they don’t require special preparations to be great. They can also shine alone with just a sprinkle of sea salt. When steamed or boiled just right, where they still have a bit of give when you bite into them and they spring back with a trickle of sweetness, they are spectacular.

But beets aren’t just tasty, they are incredibly healthy too. They contain high amounts of folate, potassium, vitamin C and iron. The nutrients are known to help guard against birth defects and heart disease, as well as fight inflammation.

Best of all? Beets are at their freshest right now. When you eat in-season produce fresh from the farm, like these were, the taste is far superior to off-season produce that has been flown thousands of miles and picked before its peak of perfection.

Do you like beets? How do you eat them?


I just wanted to say a big hello to everyone who is just discovering my site. A very nice person submitted my post on parmesan rosemary sweet potato fries to StumbledUpon, and I have had a number of new visitors since. Thank you all for visiting!

Be sure to check out my recipes section for more tasty dishes like zuppa toscana, bacon cheddar barbecue chicken rollatini, and sinfully good salted triple chocolate brownie cookies.

Also, I wanted to give a special thanks to Maddie of Better in Pink!, who has worked hard to ensure that I had enough bandwidth to stay up and running with all of my great new visitors. Thanks, Maddie!

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Saturday 30th of August 2008

You're so very welcome Sarah!


Friday 29th of August 2008

Beets are delicious, but not as good as homemade lime salsa!


Thursday 28th of August 2008

I love to eat them raw, julienned and tossed with a little olive oil, vinegar (white wine, apple cider, red wine or balsamic), kosher salt, cracked pepper and a sprinkling of crumbled chevre or feta and toasted pecans. It's delicious! It's also good when you combine all of the above ingredients with spinach to make a spinach/beet salad. You can even add warm, carmelized red onion to the salad to wilt the spinach just a bit.


Saturday 23rd of August 2008


My oven runs hot, so I set it to 350, but 375 would be about right if your oven is calibrated properly. The bruschetta sounds delicious; I'll have to try that next.

Sarah Caron

Saturday 23rd of August 2008

Maureen, ooh, I have never tried them slow roasted like that. Sounds delightful. What temperature do you set the oven to? About 375?

As for the tops, I like to chop them up and make a bruschetta with them -- it's great in sandwiches, on crusty bread and topping fish. Mmm.