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Will Raising Prices Impact Your Brand-Loyalty?

A stack of sponges and rags with two flowers on them to signify natural cleaning. Image by <a href="">RitaE</a> from <a href="">Pixabay</a>
Image by RitaE from Pixabay

I’ve been a devoted Method laundry detergent user for more than three years. Prior to that, I used All Free and Clear for years because it was free of fragrances and dyes that make me itch and give me hives. I changed detergents because Method was more natural and more environmentally friendly. The variety I chose is also free of dyes and fragrances. Plus, it was available at a reasonable price.

Fast forward to today. My children and I went to purchase more detergent and I made a shocking discovery: Method’s price had gone up $2. This isn’t the first increase either. The price of my Method detergent has increased from under $10 a few years ago to $14.99 at Target today. That price point puts it on par with other eco-friendly detergents like Seventh Generation. Although I was intrigued by the other options before, I never seriously considered trying them since Method remained the most cost-effective.

That has changed.

Why shouldn’t I give other detergents a chance if they are equally or more ecologically friendly and cost the same as Method? This is true across the board about many products — food and otherwise. Why should I continue to buy cage-free eggs at my local Big Y grocery store when I can get local, cage-free eggs from a local farm for the same price? Furthermore, why should I visit a grocery store at all when buying from local purveyors is the same cost or less — and less in gas costs too?

The Methods and Big Ys of the world need to consider the fact that people aren’t stupid. I am certainly not going to be price bullied into spending more for a product or eschewing other options out of brand loyalty. What matters to me is that I am using products that won’t hurt the environment — or my family — and eating food that has been raised humanely and with care. And if I can have all that and get it locally, then all the better.

Will rising prices impact what brands you purchase?

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Friday 29th of August 2008

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