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A Light Breakfast Indulgence

Recently, I’ve discovered a morning meal that throws my notion of “I’m not a breakfast person,” completely on its head. Seriously, I could eat this day in and day out without complaint. It’s just that good.

The idea is simple: Take one half of an English muffin — yes, just one half. We’re trying to get fit for the holidays here. Toast it up. Spread with one ounce of Cambozola cheese — a kitchen scale comes in mighty handy for that. Top with one egg over easy. And drop a dollop of tomato jam on top. Then, savor it with a fork and knife and a good cup of coffee. The smooth, creamy cheese gets all melty and drippy when sandwiched between the egg and English muffin. It’s just divine.

But really, eat it with a fork and a knife — with the runny cheese and runny yolk, it’s a tad messy.

Wait, what’s Cambozola? Let me introduce you to my new favorite cheese. Cambozola is a cross between a creamy Camembert and a decadent Gorgonzola cheese. And it’s absolute perfection.

And don’t worry. Despite the smaller footprint of this dish, it is filling and satisfying. Worth every delicious bite, actually.

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Tuesday 11th of November 2008

My husband thanks you immensely for this recipe. I tried it out and he loves it. Thanks for helping me get him to eat breakfast. :)


Wednesday 5th of November 2008

Uh...YUM?! Runny bad but so good! Replace that half muffin with a healthy scoop of quinoa, and you'll still get that yummy starchy taste, but replace the fit-less-ness...butter it up a bit to, if needs be. ;) C.

Sarah Caron

Wednesday 5th of November 2008

Lydia, I love your description of it. It definitely does give the feeling of fullness.

Beth & My First Kitchen, you have to try it! Soo delicious.

Cate, thanks for introducing me to Cambozola. How could I miss it for this long?!?

Alice, if you look in the text there is a recipe for a simple open breakfast sandwich. It's delicious and takes little time to make.

Celebrity Chefs

Tuesday 4th of November 2008

Hi Sarah,

I was looking for simple breakfast recipies. this recipe is simply, I like cambozola cheese.


My First Kitchen

Monday 3rd of November 2008

I love learning about new cheeses. Awesome. And now I need to brush up on my over-easy skills. Everything always becomes scrambled. :)