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The $7 Dinner Challenge: Survey Edition

It was about a month ago that Cate and I launched The $7 Dinner Challenge. Over the past few weeks, we certainly have learned a lot about planning meals on a tiny budget. But most of all, we’ve learned that it can be done if you try.

We’ve decided to take a week off of the challenge and to ask everyone to fill out a special survey, which will help us decide whether to continue to the challenge and/or tweak it. I hope you will take a few minutes to answer the brief questionnaire.

(And if you posted a challenge post today, leave the link in the comments! No Mister Linky this week.)


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A Light Breakfast Indulgence
Artichoke, Turkey and Kalamata Risotto
Artichoke, Turkey and Kalamata Risotto


Tuesday 4th of November 2008

Just wanted to say I love the $7 Challenge. I can't wait to participate. Right now I'm using up pantry and freezer supplies I've had on hand for awhile so I don't have price breakdowns yet. I'm looking forward to creating some great meals for under $7 soon.