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What I Did Last Night (And Why I Love My Job)

When I am not musing about food here or taking care of my kids, I am a freelance writer. I seldom mention where else I am writing or what I am writing about because I think it interrupts the flow here. But I am making an exception today because I attended an exceptional event last night.

The Outback has unveiled a new menu with 15 items under $15 and they invited several New York-area bloggers to have a special tasting with the mastermind behind their food.

Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely love my job, which involves writing about all different subjects from food to parenting to technology to local politics. It’s a really fun job that lets me do my very favorite thing every day. And sometimes as a writer, I get to do some amazing things.

I have covered a Super Bowl (in the pouring rain) and stood feet from the Vince Lombardi trophy while it was being presented to the winners. I have shaken Cat Cora’s hand and watched her give a private demonstration to just a few bloggers. I have gone backstage at television shows. I have also covered national news from the front lines.

Obviously, not everything I write about is this cool or sexy, but I love it all. I absolutely, positively love my job.

So when I say that this was one of the very best events I have ever been to, I am not mincing words. The PR firm that put it together, MS & L, did a phenomenal job. The roundtable tasting event was the most perfectly intimate setting I have experienced at an event like this.

Although there were many agency folks there, they blended into the background while head chef and cofounder Tim Gannon did the entertaining. He told us about each dish, the components and answered any questions we had. It was well-timed, well thought out, and perfectly planned. It was obvious that the people who planned this really understood who they were planning to reach … and reach they did.

Kudos (and thank you!) to MS & L for such a great event. And kudos (and thank you!) to Outback for a fantastic revamp of their menu. They really did do a superb job, and other agencies and companies should take a cue from them. Whenever you are planning an event, you need to reach out to the people you are addressing and this event totally did that. I love that they fostered conversation in a comfortable environment. Absolutely perfect.

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Vinaigrette
Garlic Soy Beef Stir-Fry
Garlic Soy Beef Stir-Fry


Friday 20th of February 2009

I am jealous.

Alisa - Frugal Foodie

Thursday 19th of February 2009

Wow, that sounds wonderful! I would love to have your job ... but I am sure it has taken you a lot of work to get to this point!