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Stepping Out at Stepping Stones

Sunday was a glorious day here in Connecticut. The sun was warm and bright, though the air was still a bit brisk (as can be expected from an April day in New England). Everything is starting to awake from the winter deep-freeze. Buds are starting to appear on the early bloomers of spring, lending to the hope that we might soon escape the chills and rain showers that have been a near-constant lately. Even the every present and unwanted groundhogs are back. I cannot wait until the air is warm again and we can shed winter’s layers of fleece and wool.

But it wasn’t just the weather that was wonderful on Sunday, it was the company we had and the outing we took.

The kids and I headed to Stepping Stones Museum in Norwalk where we met two of my wonderful friends. (It brought a huge smile to my face when my very wonderful friend researched and proposed that we take the kids to the museum. Love it. Such a sweet and thoughtful idea. My friends are the best.) The kid-centered museum has sections dedicated to building, the rain forest, healthy bodies and water play. We lounged in the gorilla sleeping area where you can become one with the jungle and watched Will ride a bike where a skeleton on a bike next to you mimics the movements so you can see how bones really move. Will loved that one, but was a little annoyed that he couldn’t ride the skeleton’s bike.  There is also a light-board that shows how hydration moves through the body. It was nearly impossible to pull Paige away from that one. And then there is the water area … oh, my little water babies could have stayed there all day.

The museum, nestled in Mathews Park, is undergoing to major environmentally-friendly expansion right now that will increase the educational facilities and learning capabilities. They are also planning an expansion to the eating facilities that will incorporate fresh, local foods into their offerings . . . and it’s a good thing because while the egg salad sandwiches the girls and I munched on were tasty, they were just about the only thing that any of us were willing to eat. Well, we probably would have ordered quesadillas if we could have read the fine print that was the menu (seriously folks, font size matters!). Oh wait, they were out of those. Sigh. Read. Limited. Selection.

So, ultimately, it’s a cute little museum with a good amount of kid-centric hands-on learning activities. However at $9 a head for anyone over the age of 1, the cost of admittance is a steep. Really steep. (For comparison value, the Museum of Natural History in New York is $15 for adults and $8.50 for kids over age 2.) I wish there was either more to it, or a discount for kids. Cause honestly, $9 for Paige is way too much, and for Will … well, it’s pushing it.

What did you do this weekend?

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