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Fertile Fridays: Oh My Broccoli!

Can you see that? That tiny little beginning of broccoli stopped me dead in my tracks today. I had already written this post and just needed the photos to go with it … then I saw that little spurt of broccoli and I couldn’t contain myself. Ooooh. I am so unspeakably excited. It’s really growing!!!

Back to the planned post.

It’s been a busy gardening week here. Although the last few days have been rainy, we still managed to make some major headway. Last Sunday, we finally installed and filled the last raised garden bed with soil and on Monday, I planted our first tomato plants — some cherry tomatoes and some early-season tomatoes.

We also anchored the apple trees. Unfortunately, I fear that the anchoring might be a little too tight, so we may need to fix this soon. Someone, and I am not mentioning any names, didn’t read the directions (or look past picture two!).

We’ve got some spearmint in the ground and some peppermint on its way.

I was totally inspired by a post on edging your garden beds at A Way to Garden this week. After reading it and seeing how beautiful the edges of Margaret Roach’s beds are, I went out and bought a half-moon edger and started the very long task of edging our gardens and the lawn … Oh my, this is going to take a long time. I am secretly hoping that Shawn will take over and just do the whole thing. Fat chance, but a girl can dream, right? Anyway, I definitely recommend checking out this post on edging.

Next week, I will have some photos of the newest garden bed in our bunch, Will’s special garden project and hopefully some lovely photos of lilacs (still awaiting the blooms here!). Until then …

What’s going on in your garden this week?

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Monday 18th of May 2009

It's so neat to grow your own garden and I know how exciting it is to see the first little sprouts.


Monday 18th of May 2009

I've just started trying to grow some food plants in pots on our balcony: heirloom tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and a lemon and a lime tree. What do you feed or what fertilizer product do you use for your food plants? My dirt seems so dry, even though I used Miracle Gro and water plentifully.

Cate O'Malley

Monday 18th of May 2009

So exciting to see things finally bloom, isn't it? Got a nice healthy amount of basil growing now, and moved the cucumbers and radishes over to a bigger pot. Next week, more vegetable planting...

Virtual frolic

Monday 18th of May 2009

Your garden is really coming along!


Sunday 17th of May 2009

I love watching a garden grow it is so exciting. Today my husband and I planted some broccoli seeds as well as mixed greens. We made our raised beds a few weeks ago. We have some romaine lettuce already growing. I am a clinician at a children's residential counseling center for children with behavioral and mental heath issues. We have started a vegetable garden there and it has been incredible to watch how much the children appreciate gardening.