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Fertile Fridays: Rain Be Gone!

This month certainly feels like it’s been one rainstorm after another.

Ok. Maybe it feels that way because it has been that way.

We’ve had so few opportunities to get outside and enjoy our yard and work on creating more edible areas. But when we have had the opportunity, we’ve capitalized on it – whether that means a game of chase with the kids or weeding a little area that desperately needs it. I don’t know about you all, but I am ready for some serious summer weather.

I just took a quick walk around the yard to check on all the plants. It’s been raining since the afternoon (so what else is new?), so everything is glimmering with water and buzzing with mosquitoes. The tomatoes have grown to unbelievable proportions and have many beautiful specimens on the vines. I need to pick up some twine and tie up one branch that is getting away before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, the broccoli has all been harvested — well, what could be harvested. And now is flowering. I am not sure if it will sprout edible bits again, but I am waiting to see. I hate to leave the box alone though … perhaps I should add some herbs in the meantime?

Will’s pumpkin patch is starting to produce some seedlings. YAY! I plan to use grass clippings to mulch around the little plants and ward off weeds. Hopefully, that will mean good things for good soil there next year as well.

Meanwhile, my gladioli are coming up too. Can’t wait till they flower.

What’s up in your garden?

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Cate O'Malley

Saturday 27th of June 2009

Some ten years ago, I planted pumpkins and I remember how huge those leaves got. You're tempting me to plant them again, but trying not to do any in-ground planting before the move next month. How long do they need to grow big enough for picking?