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Fertile Fridays: The Slug Problem

For the better part of June, and too much of May, we had a little problem: rain. It has rained almost every day for a month.


Sure, we had a good day here and there, but it’s been a crazy wet season. And what comes with the overabundance of wetness? As my cousin, Farmer Jim, told me recently: slugs.

And boy, when I went to take these photos yesterday, did I see what he meant. There were slugs all over my cabbage. It took a good 10 minutes to get them all off of my plants.

I hate slugs. So I Facebooked my frustration and a friend of mine immediately offered a solution: place a bowl of beer under the plants and the slugs will naturally be attracted … and then they won’t be a problem to anything any longer.

That sure beats the salt method I was threatening them with.

So, I am going to try this ingenious slug removal technique. I’ll report back next Friday on the success of it.

The blueberries are just starting to turn into that deep blue that signifies when they are ready to eat. Hopefully, they will hold out until Monday, as the kids and I are away for the weekend. It would be awesome to return to two bushes full of berries.

A friend warned me this week that after we pluck all the berries, we should test the soil to ensure that it’s the ideal level of acidity for the berries. Good to know … Sounds like there might be some soil treating in my future.

Elsewhere in the garden, my New Girl tomatoes have quickly flowered and started to develop. The Sun Golds are thriving too. Hopefully, they will start to ripen very soon. I am anxious for fresh tomatoes. I want to mix them up with fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and a bit of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt… mmm. Sometimes the simplest things are the best.

That’s all for this week – I am in a location with low connectivity so uploading is a little more challenging than usual. Have a fantastic weekend, and be sure to share what’s happening in your garden in the comments!

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