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Expanding My Horizons

A few months back, I ran into a writer/editor friend of mine while in the city for a training. I was learning how to use a new CMS for a client; she was freelancing as an editor for the same client. When we chatted, she said in surprise, “I didn’t know you were a techy!”

The exclamation struck me. I am a writer and editor first, and I moonlight on the technical side of things. While the editorial side – the one where I research, interview, write and edit – is my passion, the technical side has its pluses. For once, it comes pretty naturally to me. I’ve never met a CMS I didn’t learn quickly. And secondly, it does pay well.

Heck, back in high school (many eons ago!), I took a programming course and completed the work at least a month or two before class ended. As in all of the work that the teacher planned to assign for the year. It just came easily to me.

Maybe it’s because my family all have a technical background or because I have a nerdy streak. I don’t know … but I love mastering the technical side of things. It’s finite and controllable, which can be a welcome relief when your life consists of deadlines, rewrites and conference calls.

Above all though, I think it’s a good skill to have in addition to my writing and editing credits. Ultimately, we are in a world today that is highly technical. Being someone who can write, edit and actualize the work in a technical sense is a huge asset.

And I guess I am “a techy” after all.

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