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My Spending Diet: Week Eight

This week I picked up again and cut that spending down … Here’s the story:

What Happened: I planned and did all our shopping on Saturday, so that went brilliantly. We had everything we needed for the week. Was it perfect? Nah. It never is.

Breakfast needs to factor more into my planning, since I don’t often buy enough food for that. We had plenty of eggs, but I also like fast, easy breakfasts — and we didn’t have enough food for that.

Also, I ended up deviating from the meal plan slightly … It helps when it’s posted on my fridge, which I failed to do this week. That’s going to have to be a must going forward.

Spending: I was way more diligent about controlling spending. I did run into a few bumps — Will had a last minute project due (due date was moved up by a week), and I had to buy supplies for that. Also, a project of mine required a different protein than I had purchased. But all in all, I stuck as close to the plan as I could … and I even tucked away some money into the savings.

Ask Sarah:Last week, a reader asked what’s so special about Saturdays that it is my only spending day. I answered in the comments, but wanted to give a greater explanation.

I chose Saturday as my spending day for these reasons:

  1. It’s my first day off of the week. I work Monday through Friday, and it’s just not feasible for me to do a full weeks shop on those days.
  2. I can concentrate. Part of the reason I started this was because the stress of trying to fit shopping in around the kids’ school schedules, my work schedule, activities and everything else is just too much. That’s why I was spending so much since I would just grab things and go — and they wouldn’t necessarily be the things we needed. By choosing a day where I don’t have other obligations, I can focus on the task at hand.
  3. I usually can go alone. Usually, my husband is around on Saturdays for at least part of the day (his job isn’t a M-F schedule), so I can head out and shop without the kids … allowing for even better concentration. And yes, shopping for the whole week at once while using coupons does require concentration.
  4. It’s most convenient for me. Ultimately, the rules of My Spending Diet are about me. The point is to spend only one day a week so that you can get control and take charge. If Tuesdays are better for you, that could be your day … but for me, Saturday is what works.

Have a question? Ask in the comments below and I will answer in an upcoming week!

In case you are interested in that article I mentioned last week, you can check it out here. Thanks to Cate for resending!

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My Spending Diet: Week Nine | Sarah’s Cucina Bella :: Family Food

Friday 14th of May 2010

[...] Breakfast was less of a struggle, although I am still seeking ways to make it an easy, healthy meal. One step will be to buy more fruit, as we go through fruit very quickly when it’s on hand. Also, I need to pay a little more attention to lunches as well. [...]


Friday 7th of May 2010

Good for you! I only shop on Saturdays too. I plan a two-week-menu and write down all the groceries I need. I usually spend about $80 every two weeks, which isn't bad at all. .-= Sook´s last blog ..Curried Coconut Chicken & Cauliflower =-.