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My Spending Diet: Week 11

Before I launch into the My Spending Diet update, two things:

  1. My garden is growing! We’ve planted all our veggies and need to fence it all in (hopefully this weekend). Check in tomorrow for some pictures.
  2. Today is 30 days until I turn 30. Hard to believe it’s so close. I expected to enter my 30s at a much lower weight … so I am going to work my butt off to get as close as I can in the next month. Check out my Facebook page for updates on my progress.

What Happened: I started off the week with $200 in cash. Groceries were about $120 for the week, so I started Monday with about $80. I splurged on pizza (about $12) Monday, since it was uncomfortably hot and the idea of heating the kitchen to cook was just too much. Tuesday, Will had a birthday party to go to so we stopped and bought a present and ground coffee, which we were out of ($30). I also let him get a few extra tokens at the Chuck E. Cheese party ($1). Wednesday, I needed gas ($20) and bread for dinner ($2). There were a few other expenditures in there too … In any case, it’s Friday and I have about $15 left.

Did I stick 100 percent to cash this week? Nope. I tried. But on Wednesday, my cousin called me about a sale on clothes I love (and need), so I spent $50 there on a skirt and two shirts. On Thursday, I bought lunch for the kids, myself and my mother at Ikea (about $18) as well as a few items I wanted for the kids ($25 — but I am returning a $9 item). And I also replaced a toy box ($100) with a new storage unit. All in all, I spent an extra $185. Not the most successful week for cutting back spending.

That said, I really, really, really like using cash instead of credit. At the grocery store, I was more conscious than ever about the items I selected. It’s one thing to have a budget, but when that budget is steadfast — as in if you overspend, you don’t have money — it’s something totally different. It changes how you look at the things you purchase.

So, yes, I will go cash-only this week too. I think that the $200 might be the right amount for the week, but we’ll see. My biggest goal for this week? Not breaking out the credit cards once. I also want to get my grocery shopping costs down further (as in $100 this week …  eventually even less).

I’ve come a long, long way from when I began this journey. I never shared the dollar amount … but a few months ago, I was spending between $250 and $350 a week on groceries and takeout. Crazy, right? It just goes to show what good planning and smart decisions can do for what you spend.

What’s Next: I will continue with the cash plan this week. I am also setting aside any spare change at the end of the week for our vacation next month. Whether we use it for parking, tolls or a meal out, it will definitely come in handy.

Change Saved for Vacay This Week: $2.03 (ALL WEEKS TOTAL: $2.03)

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Friday 4th of June 2010

[...] Happened: Last week, I started using a mostly cash-only spending plan. This week I continued that. We did our grocery [...]


Tuesday 1st of June 2010

I really love this post. Many food blogs don't even worry about the budget when trying out gourmet recipes. I am a brand new blogger and I was out "researching" other food blogs and stumbled on to yours. I will be subscribing! P.S. I love the cash at the grocery store idea. How does your significant other feel about using cash? For whatever reason, (and yes, we are on a very modest income) I cannot get my husband to get behind the idea.

Thanks! Kayla


Sunday 30th of May 2010

You are an inspiration! .-= Donna´s last blog ..Fab Frugal Friday: Make Your Own Refrigerator Pickled Peppers (So Good You’ll Want to Make a Peck!) =-.