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Are You a Mac or a PC?

My whole life, I have been a PC. When my company transitioned to Macs a few years back, I was a hold out — refusing to give up my PC until they forcibly removed it. I was devastated, even though the shiny new Mac was really pretty.

Yes, I said pretty.

But now, with my PC laptop in severe trouble (the internal power supply connection is broken), I am considering whether I will remain a PC or make the jump to a Mac when it comes time to replace my laptop. Hopefully, that point won’t come for awhile, but when it does, I want to be ready.

Now, the idea of moving to a Mac? It’s not something I ever thought I would even consider. Growing up, my family worked for IBM. I admired and loved Big Blue (and was sad when they stopped manufacturing consumer computers). I swore up and down PC would always and forever be for me.

However, the idea of always doesn’t take into consideration what changes come in life. When I swore my devotion to PCs, I never imagined that so much of my job would relate to photographing food, or editing video. But it does. My job, my whole livelihood, has changed. And I need to change with it.

It goes without saying that Macs are simply better for graphic work. They are built to handle the complex tasks that go hand in hand with that. It’s smart, as a food photographer, to have a Mac.

That said, I am not entirely comfortable with Macs. The interface is so different and so are the commands. It makes me uncomfortable not understanding it the way I do PCs. Plus, all of my files are from a PC. What will happen to them? Can they be converted?

It’s a lot to think about. And it’s not a decision to make over the course of a blog post or a short-thought process. So, I guess I will have to think on this … and answer for myself if I am still a PC or could I be a Mac?

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